Charles Lewton-Brain

Cage Work: ‘Inheritance’  

Showcasing work of studio teachers is a long-standing tradition at Danaca Design. Each year we throw a huge party in December to celebrate our anniversary. We eat, drink, and socialize but most importantly, we host an exciting show in the gallery of jewelry by our terrific teachers and stellar students. Clearly, this year will be different, but not entirely.  

Beginning this month we are pleased to present a sampling of work by one of our current instructors, master metalsmith and teacher extraordinary, Charles Lewton-Brain. The work on display is a selection from a unique traveling show titled, Cage Work: ‘Inheritance’.  

Charles writes, “These works are about process. They utilize the grid and a tension, a ‘frisson’ between nature and structure. The grid represents human society, culture, the rules chosen and constructed. The poignancy of humans laying structure upon the universe, of our need to create and seek pattern intrigues me: and is part of the work.   

The roles (and relationships) of human and nature, human and perceived reality are of interest to me. I believe in Beauty, that ‘beauty’ is related to nature (form, surface texture, colour) for humans. Allowing the materials to do the work, deliberately building in randomness, letting nature show lends it a ‘beauty’ that I cannot reach by forcing form onto the material. The marks of process are compositional elements. The effects of chaos (nature) on systems is a kind of material.” 

Enjoy this dynamic show and contact us if you have any questions about the work! 

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