Chase and Repoussé Cuff Bracelets

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Chase and Repoussé Cuff Bracelets
Instructor: Nancy Me̅gan Corwin
February 19-21, three days Saturday – Monday, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Class Fee: $560 | Materials list, some materials included

Class format: In-Studio at Danaca Design

Prerequisite: beginning chasing and repoussé, soldering (see requirements below)

Intermediate chasing and repoussé artists, this class is for you! Learn to make a cuff bracelet in silver, jeweler’s brass or copper. I will share with you the tricks to bending the embossed surface around a wrist without distorting the exciting work you have done. You will go home with a finished piece of jewelry and plenty of information for making more!
I recommend that you bring a few drawings or design ideas that fit the cuff shape with a half inch clearance all around. We do not have a printer in the studio, so you will not be able to print enlarged and decreased versions of these designs in the lab. The designs may be anything you like, but please keep them simple! The goal is to finish the bracelet at the end of class.

Students will need to have had at least a beginning class in chasing and repoussé and know how to solder. Those working in sterling or fine silver should have enough experience with these metals to have confidence in soldering them and some experience with forming them. If using fine silver, I recommend 20 gauge. It is much softer than sterling and, depending on the design, may distort when taking the bracelet on and off

Students MUST Bring:

  • Please measure the circumference of your wrist and the width of the bracelet you wish to make. You will need to bring enough metal (sterling silver, brass - jeweler’s or “nu-gold” brass, or copper recommended) to allow for at least a half inch clearance around the bracelet blank. The most common gauges for bracelets are 22 or 20. We will not be working with 24 gauge.
  • 14 gauge round or square wire (in case the design calls for a thicker edge than the sheet metal being used), that matches the metal you are using for the bracelet. Bring a long enough piece to equal the circumference of the entire bracelet plus 6”.


Students MAY Bring:

  • A large (7” to 8” diameter) chasing bowl or heavy pan such as an iron fry pan, filled with pitch. Any chasing tools of your own. I will be bringing tools of my design and Bill Dawson’s for you to use during class. The studio has some smaller bowls (5”) that can be used for narrow bracelets.

Instructor Bio:

Mgan Corwin lives and works in Seattle, Washington. In 1983 she received her MFA in Art Metals at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied with Eleanor Moty and Fred Fenster.

Since leaving her position as Head of Jewelry and Metals at the University of Oregon-Eugene in 1994 to have a child, Mgan has been teaching workshops and credit classes in metals worldwide. Her area of expertise is chasing and repoussé, and she has written and published a technical and gallery book on the subject published by Brynmorgen Press, Portland, ME in 2009.

Mgan has one-of-a-kind jewelry and metalwork in many private collections around the United States and in the following: The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, Washington State's Tacoma Art Museum's permanent collection and in the State University of New Mexico Art Gallery at Las Cruces Gallery's permanent collection.

Mgan is represented in Seattle, WA at Facere Jewelry Art Gallery. View her work at

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