Feb 17-19: Keum Boo Like You Never Knew: Online – Live Streaming!

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PLEASE NOTE: This class requires a supply kit that must be purchased at time of registration. See below for details.

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Keum Boo Like You Never Knew
Instructor: Bette Barnett
February 17-19, Wednesday-Friday, 10am - 12pm Pacific Time
(with afternoon open studio)
February 18-19, Thursday and Friday, 10am - 12pm Pacific Time
(with afternoon open studio)
Class Fee: $260 or $180 | Materials kit $55 + shipping

Prerequisites: Students must have basic metalworking skills—shearing, sawing, filing, hammering, sanding and basic forming. For the two-day version, students must have already taken a steel class with Bette (our January class qualifies). 

Who knew? Keum Boo…on steel? The ancient art of bonding fine gold foil to silver works brilliantly on steel too. Silver foil works as well as gold, bonding beautifully to steel and offering a low-cost alternative to gold. As an added bonus, the patinas that darken steel leave the shine of the gold and silver virtually untouched, so the contrast with steel is extra vibrant. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create jewelry with beautiful Keum Boo on steel including:

  • Working with mild steel and prepping it for Keum Boo (hint: no depletion gilding is required as with silver).
  • Handling and cutting original designs in the delicate foil, including tools and techniques to help refine your patterns.
  • Bonding silver and gold foil to steel using a torch and a tabletop kiln.
  • Choosing and using the right tools (burnishers and brushes) to bond the foil firmly.
  • Applying various patinas to bring out the contrast between the steel and foil.  (Bonus: we’ll also demo adding some colors like purple and red too.)
  • Sealing your Keum Boo jewelry for protection and durability.

Whether you have done Keum Boo before or not, this workshop offers brand new techniques on steel. You’ll create at least one finished piece of jewelry with Keum Boo in this fast-paced and creative workshop.

This workshop runs for three consecutive days, February 17-19. Each morning from 10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PST, youll attend a live online class via Zoom consisting of brief lecture, pre-recorded demos, class discussion and an assignment. Then each afternoon, youll be invited to attend an open studio session to discuss progress, ask questions and trouble shoot any issues.

IMPORTANT: This schedule for this workshops has two variants:

  1. Three-day version. If you are new to steel and have NOT taken any of Bette Barnett’s classes in the past, you’ll need to register for the full three-day version of the class, which includes a segment on the basics of working with steel. Feb. 17-19
  2. Two-day version. If you have taken any of Bette’s classes in the past, you have the option to register for a shorter two-day version that does not include the basics of working with steel. Of course, you can always enroll in the full three-day class if you also want a refresher.

This class is hosted on Zoom. You will need a computer, laptop, smart phone or iPad for conference video (Zoom app required for phone- it’s free!)
If you do not have experience with Zoom, fret not! We will provide a free online tutorial with one of our staff to help you get comfortable before class. A quick rundown will also be covered the first night of class.

Students MUST have or purchase:

  • Pumice type cleaner (GoJo, Fast Orange, even household cleanser is okay)
  • Alcohol (either denatured or isopropyl)
  • Silver solder (easy)
  • Torch—any type of torch will work
  • Third hand or other tools to help support your metal
  • Pickle pot—separate pickle pot for ferrous metals; non-ferrous metals (silver, copper, gold, etc.) should not be mixed in the same pickle pot as ferrous (or mixed metals with ferrous) metals
  • Pickle pot tongs—either steel, plastic or wood (not copper)
  • Jeweler saw and 3/0 and 4/0 blades
  • Flush cutter
  • Files—flat, half round, needle
  • Hammers—mallet (rawhide or Delrin), forging, texturing (whatever you like to use)
  • Pliers (chain nose, round, etc.)
  • Sharp pointed tweezers
  • Solder pick
  • Lubricant for sawing (if you use it)
  • Ruler
  • Scribe
  • Digital calipers
  • Silver solder (easy)
  • Sandpaper—120, 220, 320, 400 etc.
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Patina—one container of Oxpho Blue from Brownell’s or Prestoblack PC-9 available from Sculpt Nouveau (Note: check the list of Sculpt Nouveau distributors on their site and use the one closest to you to save on shipping costs.)

Nice to have but not required:

  • Tabletop kiln—Ultralite or Amaco. Note that Allcraft has created a special package for Bette’s students that includes the Ultralite Beehive Kiln and other materials at a 10% discount. For information contact Tevel at Allcraft at 1-800-645-7124.
  • Hotplate or electric griddle— Available from Amazon (hotplate or griddle). The technique can instead be performed on a kitchen stove in an old pan. 
  • Cuff mandrel—if making a cuff according to one 3of the class project patterns
  • Flexshaft and the burs or wheels that you like to use (3M radial disc wheels are particularly good for steel).

Materials KIT:

Material kits for this class are required. Please click HERE to learn more or to purchase the kit.

Instructor Bio:

Since 2013 Bette Barnett has devoted her work to exploring and experimenting with steel and gold. Bette began her jewelry career in 2010 and subsequently studied with the late Chris Nelson through his advanced workshops in fusing gold to steel. Since then Bette has perfected additional techniques and processes for steel, including Keum Boo on steel, steel wire fused with gold, alternative alloys for fusing such as shibuichi and shakudo, fusing metal powders to steel, etching steel and fusing gold to non-traditional mild steel forms, such as steel wire and perforated steel sheet. Bette is focusing much of her current work on Keum Boo on steel, an area that is virtually unexplored among western artists.

In recognition of her work, the Santa Fe Symposium selected Bette to create a research paper on steel jewelry. The paper entitled “Steel Jewelry—Expanding the Horizons of Steel with Gold” was to have been presented at the May conference had it not been postponed due to the quarantine. Bette has also published articles on steel and gold jewelry in Lapidary Journal: Jewelry Artist.

Tools are available to purchase through Danaca Design Studio with 15% student discount. Shop tools HERE. If you don’t see what you need please email us, dana@danacadesign.com.

Review our class cancellation policy HERE.