Foldforming with the Master: ONLINE - Live Instruction!

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Foldforming with the Master: ONLINE - Live Instruction!
Instructor: Charles Lewton-Brain
November 15-19, Monday - Friday, 10am-12pm and 4-6pm Pacific Time
Class Fee: $850 | Materials kit, estimated $80
If you wish to provide your own metal instead of purchasing the materials kit, please contact us for the cut list. 

Prerequisites: All levels welcome although students must have a basic comfort level with a torch.

This workshop delivers dozens of folds over the course of five days. Fold forms are derived from the natural plasticity and ductility of the metal. Shaping is extremely efficient and rapid. Many forms are complete in three to seven minutes and the tools are simple: fingers, hammer, anvil and mill (if you’ve got one). You will learn to make folds in each of the main categories including line folds, T folds and complex T folds. Complex relief forms are made from sheets of metal often in one annealing. Forms made with this method resemble chased, constructed and soldered forms and can be made with most metals, including steel. This workshop will meet for two hours in the morning and then again in the afternoon for additional instruction, to share experiences and review processes. Master goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain has trained, studied and worked in Germany, Canada and the United States to learn the skills he uses. You know that fold forming book you love? He wrote it! All levels welcome although students must have a basic comfort level with a torch.

This class is hosted on Zoom. You will need a computer, laptop, smart phone or iPad for conference video (Zoom app required for phone- it’s free!)
If you do not have experience with Zoom, fret not! We will provide a free online tutorial with one of our staff to help you get comfortable before class. A quick rundown will also be covered the first night of class!

Zoom meeting ID: ___TBA______ password: ____TBA___

REQUIRED equipment:

  • A studio space where they can hammer and a torch to anneal copper.
  • Students must have stable internet.
  • Heavy anvil surface of some sort to hammer on. A 4-5” vise will often have a suitable anvil surface built into it. (bench blocks available in studio store-suitable for very small foldforms only)
  • Hammer with slightly domed face like a planishing hammer or ballpeen. (available in studio store)
  • Hammer with cross peen like a raising hammer or riveting hammer. (available in studio store) See recommended hammers list from Charles
  • Bench vise, table mounted, 4” – 5” wide jaw ideal. (Smooth topped vise is preferred)

OPTIONAL additions to purchase:

  • Rolling mill, with flat roller
  • Hydraulic press

Students MAY want to have:

  • 24g sterling sheet silver (available in studio store)
  • Additional 24g copper sheet (available in studio store)

Materials KIT:

Pre-cut copper strips for students to cut pieces from for samples
*Students must pick up materials or pay to have them shipped

Tools are available to purchase through Danaca Design Studio with 15% student discount code. Shop tools HERE. If you don’t see what you need please email us,

Review our class cancellation policy HERE.