Introduction to Filigree Jewellery

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Introduction to Filigree Jewellery
Instructor: Milt Fischbein
September 30 - October 2, Friday 6-9pm Pacific Time, Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm Pacific Time
Class Fee: $380 | Materials Kit Fee $75 | Studio Fee $220 (for those participating from Danaca Design)

Class Format: Online via Zoom, with a twist! This is an online Zoom workshop with an exciting new option: work in the comfort of your own studio, OR work in the studio at Danaca Design with access to all the tools necessary to complete the workshop and an assistant on hand for questions. Select your choice from the drop down menu when registering.

Prerequisites: Workshop is suitable for experienced as well as beginner students. Basic jewellery fabrication skills along with experience in jewellery soldering is required.

Learn the fundamentals of making filigree jewellery with Canadian filigree artist Milt Fischbein, a master of his craft and highly rated zoom instructor! At the end of this interactive workshop, you will have created a beautiful filigree pendant set with a cabochon stone and you will have the knowledge to continue making beautiful filigree objects on your own.

Filigree is an ancient technique that involves the creation of lace-like silver jewellery out of fine silver wires. Using very basic tools, beautiful objects are made by twisting and curling fine silver threads and soldering them into carefully crafted frames.

In this long-weekend, interactive workshop, you will learn the basics of filigree: how to prepare fine silver filigree wire and sterling silver frames and how to solder them together to create beautiful filigree.

You will also learn:

  • Design basics for making filigree pendants
  • How to make a traditional filigree bail
  • How to select the appropriate tools for making filigree
  • How to make a number of different lacey filigree shapes
  • How to solder filigree with both paste and traditional filigree powder solders
  • How to incorporate cabochon stones into your filigree designs

This is a live and interactive workshop. Instructor will do live demos and then students will have work time to follow up on the demo. Whether you are working in your own studio, or in Danaca Design’s studio, you can set up your cellphone or other cameras so the instructor can observe you while you work and provide you with feedback in real time. If working in the studio at Danaca Design you will have the added bonus of guidance from a studio assistant available during the workshop.

A material kit will be provided containing all of the workshop materials.
Included in the kit are filigree wire and frame wire that have been prepared for you. Those who do not have a rolling mill will have enough of these “Instructor Prepared” Items to complete the workshop pendant without the need for a rolling mill.

This class is hosted on Zoom. You will need a computer, laptop, smart phone or iPad for conference video (Zoom app required for phone- it’s free!)
If you do not have experience with Zoom, fret not! We will provide a free online tutorial with one of our staff to help you get comfortable before class. A quick rundown will also be covered the first night of class!

Zoom meeting ID: ___TBA______ password: ____TBA___

If working from home, students MUST have:

Note: More detail about these tools will be provided upon registration

Solid internet access
Flex Shaft with a #30 Hand Piece
Torch / Soldering Area with good ventilation
Ceramic Honeycomb Soldering Block
Soldering Tweezers
Pickle Pot
Flush Cutter
Digital Caliper
Steel Bench Block
Ring Mandrel
Plastic or Rawhide Mallet
Chain Nose Pliers
Stainless Steel Binding Wire

Materials KIT:

These items will be provided in your material kit. You will have enough of everything to make the workshop pendant as well as at least one or two more filigree items.

Included in the kit are filigree wire and frame wire that has been prepared for you. Those who do not have a rolling mill will have enough of these “Instructor Prepared” items to complete the workshop pendant without the need for a rolling mill.

Also included in the kit are two pairs of tweezers and a solder application tool which are yours to keep.

Kit will include:

  • Tweezer Style 00
  • Tweezer Style 3
  • Solder Application tool (Modified for you by Instructor)
  • Paste Solder – enough for several pendants
  • Fine Silver wire 26 Ga
  • Fine Silver wire 20 Ga
  • Filigree Wire 26GaF0.4 Not Annealed 1 meter, Prepared by Instructor
  • Filigree Wire 26GaF0.25 Annealed, 0.6 meter, Prepared by Instructor
  • Sterling Silver wire 16 Ga – Rolled to 16GaF0.9 by Instructor and not annealed
  • Sterling Silver wire 18 Ga- Rolled to 18GaF0.7 by Instructor and not annealed
  • Jump Rings 20 Ga 4.6 mm OD (3)
  • Bezel Cup Round 10 mm Fine or Sterling Silver
  • Carnelian Cabochon Stone 10 mm round (stone type may vary)
  • Materials for Filigree Bail
    • 20 Ga Sterling silver wire flattened for use (SS 20GaF0.45x1)
    • 26 Ga Fine Silver wire prepared as filigree filler
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    Instructor Bio:

    Milt Fischbein is an independent jewellery artist and teacher. He discovered his love of working with precious metals over 25 years ago. Milt is one of only a handful of metal artists in North America whose studio practice focuses primarily on the design and fabrication of filigree objects. Milt has been fortunate to be able to study filigree techniques with diverse range of well-known filigree artists.

    Milt has been fine tuning ancient filigree techniques in his Calgary, Alberta studio, creating a body of contemporary silver and gold filigree jewellery. He has been passing on his knowledge of filigree through workshops and lectures. He is a professional member of the Alberta Craft Council.

    His works have been published in Edmonton’s Where Magazine, Alberta Craft Magazine and in Victoria Lansford’s 2019 Update of her Russian Filigree DVD. A write up on his studio was featured in the July 2017 issue of the MJSA Journal.

    View more of Milt’s work here:

    Website :

    Facebook :

    Instagram : @mfmetalarts

    YouTube Channel :

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