A/US Raw Earring 01

LOBES: An Invitational Earring Show

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Artist: Melissa Cameron, friend of the gallery
Materials: found steel objects, stainless steel
Earring Type: post, dangle
Dimensions: 15 x 40 x 13 mm 

Description: "I find steel walking, the collections migrate to my studio. These works contain parts from Australia and the USA. In re-membering the bits I make connections to the places I found them. White enamel = USA, black = Australia, grey = combined. Natural, rust and blackened steel show the raw material.

These are made from steel scavenged from the streets of Perth, and Seattle, where I have lived. Made from what I had to hand, or what I could find in my abbreviated time outside during the pandemic, they are yet optimistic. When movement is curtailed, creativity comes to the rescue, as using them I could interact with the streets of Seattle, or with the playgrounds of Perth, despite the lockdowns. In remaking tokens of place my experiences are regenerated, and so continue to influence my present.

These earrings are part of LOBES: An Invitational Earring Show on display in the Danaca Design Gallery Showroom November 11 - December 24, 2022. Shop the entire collection online HERE.