Aisling McGloughlin - Obsession

Artist: Aisling McGloughlin
Materials: fine silver
Size: 5.25
Dimensions: Height 4cm, Width 4cm, Weight 87g

Artist Statement:
My ring Obsession tells the story of not just my personal obsession with octopus’s but with societies obsession with the alien like animal. Everyone cites different reasons for their fascination with the animal, and most people have one, be it their fluid, graceful movements, their vivid dramatic colours, and the magic like ability to change them at will, or possibly their seemingly vast intelligence. To create this weird wonder I made silicone moulds from the real suckers of octopuses to capture their authentic form and texture. I then made wax casts and sculpted these wax suckers into a big bold statement ring. One of a kind it is absolutely unique and weirdly irresistible the weighty ring has the power to intrigue, stun and force the viewer to take a closer look. Gaze at the details the textures of its skin and of those mind bending tentacles that have themselves got neurons that allow them to act of their own accord, almost think for themselves.

Artist Bio:
I'm a one woman studio committed to making bespoke, unique pieces.
Above all else I consider myself a Maker, the act of making is what I love. The challenge of creating something from scratch, bringing a design from my imagination or the imagination of another to paper and then into the real world. Challenging myself to make tiny pieces of art perfectly with my hands, from start to finish, each one unique. When I'm making or at my bench it's almost like I'm transported somewhere else. I become completely engrossed in my work and everything else is forgotten. As a maker my focus is always on ensuring quality, I challenge myself each time to use the skills I have amassed over my more than 7 years of training to make each piece unique and special. I put my heart and soul into each of my creations.

This ring ships from outside of the United States and delivery may take up to 2 weeks. There is a $20 international shipping fee for this ring. 

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