Angela Gleason - Iron Butterfly

This piece was part of the Yukata Jewelry Show 2022 exhibition. Learn more and view the entire collection HERE.

Artist: Angela Gleason
Materials: copper
Dimensions: 2" tall x 2-1/5" wide x 1/8" deep

Artist Statement: The postcard that came with the fabric was inscribed with "Butterflies represent femininity, grace and beauty in Japan." Ironic that the one who considers herself a radical, lesbian feminist got this homework assignment! For context, my recent work has been based on ornamental iron as a symbol for strength in these Covid times. We need a barricade for safety. For me, living in Central California, butterflies are baddass! They fly thousands of miles to get here from Mexico. They are an indicator species. Their shrinking populations sounding yet another environmental alarm. A strong butterfly may seem like an oxymoron just as fierce and feminine could seem conflicting. NOT to me!!

Artist Bio: Angela Gleason is an artist and teacher living in Santa Cruz, CA. She earned her MFA in Jewelry from Central Washington University, Ellensburg. Angela is a story teller. Her art usually starts with an idea, often in response to current events. Violence, insecurity and fear are themes she keeps returning to. In order to tell each story, she will utilize the appropriate materials, techniques and scale. When possible, there is the use humor and irony to address these difficult issues.