Audrey Aronson - Obsession, Restriction, and Inadequacy

Artist: Audrey Aronson 
Materials: Holly, nu gold, glass, steel, concealer
Size: 6.5
Dimensions: 3", 0.4"

Artist Statement:
Concealer is an attempt to hide what's natural and highlights a cultural obsession with imperfections and fixing perceived flaws. The syringe tips lining the inside of the ring band evoke the idea of sizing beads while suggesting the function of injection into the body. This faux machine offers to provide beauty through artificial and painful means.

Artist Bio:
Audrey Aronson graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a BFA in 3D Studio Art and Art History. She is currently pursuing her MFA at Bowling Green State University. She is a SNAG member and has professional experience as a bench jeweler.

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