Charity Ridpath - Bubble Wrap Mineral

Battle of the Rings 2020

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Artist: Charity Ridpath
Materials: fused bubble wrap, silver
Size: 6

Artist Statement:
These past few years I’ve been working with single-use plastics and considering my daily usage and personal impact on our environment. For inspiration, I imagine eco-dystopian narratives and worlds for my jewelry to live in. With this ring, I envisioned a world built up on layers and layers of its own refuse. In the place of mining for minerals, these future dystopian characters can only find layers and layers of centuries old bubble wrap.
When I’m not dreaming up dark futures hunched over a work bench, I like spending time outside in the natural world with my partner and our two dogs, Twig and Walnut. I earned a BFA with a specialization in Metals from Texas State University last spring.