Deborah Klezmer - Time on My Hands

Artist: Deborah Klezmer, New Mexico
Materials: 18k gold, sterling silver, antique watch movement, diamond, sapphire
Size: 9
Dimensions: height 40mm, band width 10.5mm, top 45mm round

Artist Statement: The past, present and future are all occurring simultaneously. Scientists call this non-linear time. Some of us call it steampunk. The Time on My Hands ring is designed for all of us avid time travelers. It is constructed of both fabricated and cast parts. The antique watch movement is riveted to the base with offsets made of sterling silver tubing. 18k gold details are set with blue sapphires. The top ring, or space bridge, is set with white diamonds. Industrial chic, upcycled and ready to transport the wearer wherever the imagination may lead.

Artist Bio: Deborah Klezmer is a Santa Fe jeweler whose work celebrates an exquisite mix of strength and elegance. Her passion for tinkering with tools was in evidence by age 8 when she rewired a phone jack. A lifelong obsession with taking things apart led to the embrace of upcycling antique objects, primarily those related to time, which she often incorporates into her fine jewelry. With equal love for the realms of both nature and steampunk technology, she synthesizes these two worlds in her work. Whether working with precious metals and gemstones or reimagining a historical object, Klezmer first works out as many of the details of a new project as possible in her mind’s eye. She then turns to whatever technique will best translate that vision, from use of the most ancient hand fabrication tools and torches to the most cutting-edge 3D computer design. The journey to becoming a jeweler took Klezmer through a career editing historical biographies. She was mentored in stone setting by Donald Lanzer in Santa Fe. Adhering to the philosophy of “do the least harm,” she has developed her own system for setting antique elements in her jewelry. Her work has been seen in shows from Lincoln Center to the Recycled Art Show in Santa Fe. She currently shows with numerous galleries including Gaia Contemporary in the land of enchantment.

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