STATE|meant 2020

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Artist: June Cream

Materials: brass, stainless steel

Dimensions: 1.5" x 2"

Beneficiary: Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County is a social advocacy organization fighting for the protection and liberation of Black Life through advocacy and direct action. I believe we have to start in our own community with the King County chapter of Black Lives Matter.

Artist Statement: I believe to make change we need to start in our own communities, our own circles of friends and family and we need to normalize conversations of racism, police brutality, inequality and hatred. This hand-engraved pin set is meant to be a fun and casual way to introduce the topic of defunding the police into your everyday life. It references hippy culture, 60's political campaign buttons, and a weird sense of optimism about a moment in history that is truly devastating in every way. These pins make me giggle, and they also make me think.