Jane Gaona - Captain's Spyglass

Artist: Jane Gaona, Arizona
Materials: sterling silver, brass, fine silver, glass dome, antique doll eyeball
Size: 9.5
Dimensions: 1 5/8" total height; 1/2" band width, 1" top width (clasp to clasp); 5/8" top height

Artist Statement: Nautical-themed “Captain’s Spyglass" is a kinetic engineering adventure with the “wow effect” of an eyeball staring back at you from behind the telescope! Like one might see in a pirate's adventure movie, but don't let the fun and adventure fool you - there is some serious engineering behind this fun-filled ring! Made of sterling silver, brass, glass dome, and an antique doll's eyeball! You will "WOW" your friends with this magnificent cocktail ring - a true statement piece!

Artist Bio: After her mother's sudden death in 2016, Jane took up metalsmithing as a hobby. Since then, she has studied under world-renowned artists, progressively increasing her knowledge, advancing in metalsmithing, mixed media, kinetics, lapidary, and welding. Pushing boundaries and blurring the lines between art and jewelry, she often integrates found objects and unusual materials into her jewelry. During the 2020 Covid lock down, she explored concrete as a different medium and continues to explore the use of it to make some of her signature pieces. After only 5 years of working with metal, her work has been featured in three national juried museum exhibitions, including the Mesa Contemporary Arts 43rd Annual Contemporary Crafts show. Soon, she will be teaching these same skills to the next generation of metalsmiths.

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