Júlia Ortega Canalda - Uma a Whole New World to Explore

Artist: Júlia Ortega Canalda, Spain
Materials: sterling silver, orange dyed virgin wool, amber
Size: 7
Dimensions: 4 x 2

Artist Statement: Uma Ring represents a new adventure mainly joy, enthusiasm and fun. A new way of seeing the world, the color orange marks this transition, relating it to sociability, originality and extraversion or discretion when combined with the gray color of metal.

Artist Bio: I have always been surrounded by art since I have known. My artistic training began at a very young age in artistic circles (photography, engraving, oil painting). I currently have a career of 13 years in the world of jewelry. I specifically, in the field of contemporary jewelry where I have been able to grow and develop my creativity; work and enjoy what I love. Technique in Plastic Arts and Design of Artistic Jewelry at the Escola d'Art del Treball, Monographs of Berber Jewelry from Kabylia, Wax Modeling, Urushy, setting of precious stones at the Escola Massana, PMC at the Escola Llotja. Escola Jorgc pearl passadora course. Acid etching with enamels in the Perill and Alwan Escola Aziz workshop. Currently under the signature JOC - art en joia- my artistic production linked to recycling, to contemporary jewelry, creating a set of poetic, conceptual, original and unique pieces. When I create jewelry I like to explore new materials, sometimes even letting myself be carried away and guided by their shapes and deformities. Many times I am inspired by nature, the world of insects, spiders fascinates me and many times mix it with popular stories. Sometimes to create a new collection I am inspired by what is latent around us, what people talk about, what the media talk about, what we see on the street, even in the supermarket windows I can get a piece . I like to make conceptual pieces, most of my creations have a little story behind them.

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