Nazi Punks Fuck Off Bracelets

These bracelets can be purchased HERE.


  • Materials: sterling silver
  • Finish: oxidized
  • Size: medium


These bracelets are available as a set or individually. Select option from drop-down menu. Find bracelet ID numbers in final image. Save $20 when you purchase the set. 

Beneficiary: The American Civil Liberties Union has a long history of telling Nazi punks to f*ck off through legal action and citizen education. We've all had a front row seat to how important their work is over the last few years, especially now in 2020. This is an organization that gives me hope and makes me think maybe we aren't totally screwed as a country.

Artist Statement: I never thought I'd live in a time and country where we're debating whether or not fascists and racists are bad (they are, btw), but here we are.

I've been a punk rock fan for much of my life. One story from punk history that's always tickled me is how these musicians reclaimed their scene from the skin heads who tried to take it over. Performers would tell their audiences to turn on the neo-Nazis and laugh at them, mob them, chase them off, and it worked. Now that's some leadership.
The pieces I created for STATE|meant are an homage to the anthem of punk's concerted effort to rid itself of fascists: Nazi Punks Fuck Off, by The Dead Kennedys. Cuz yea, that pretty much sums it up.