Nina Raizel Hartman - Quarantine Ring

Battle of the Rings 2020

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Artist: Nina Raizel Hartman
Materials: sterling silver, cubic zirconia
Size: 8.5

Artist Statement:
I may be quiet in terms of my voice and demeanor, but I don’t make quiet jewelry. I make loud jewelry with big stones that empowers do you do whatever the hell you want with your life. My jewelry symbolizes my personal growth and inspires people to be themselves. It feels amazing to wake up every day and do what I love, and I think everyone should be able to feel the freedom and independence that comes with that.

This geometric ring was inspired by a ring I carved out of wax when I was in art school. It didn’t turn out great in wax, but I’d always wanted to try again with hand fabrication. It is rigid and perfect and follows all the rules and measurements I set for it. In these times of quarantine, we have to follow the rules and live inside our boxes.