Sebbie Bell

Artist: Kate Caswell

Materials: sterling silver, bronze

Dimensions: 20” handmade chain with double ‘S’ hook clasp featuring a bronze dogbone extender. Pendant is roughly 1”x1”x1”

Beneficiary: Houston SPCA

Artist Statement: Inspired by unarguably the best travelled dog I have ever met, this is the Sebbie Bell. It’s a celebration of all the furry companions we have loved and adored and have been thankful for. Each tinkle of the little bronze dog bone clapper is meant to inspire us to stop for a minute and reflect on the time we spend or have had with with each and every pet. I’ll forever be in gratitude of the unconditional love and support of all the fur babies in my life.

50% of the sale of this piece will be donated to the beneficiary listed above.