Karen Keller - Secrets Safe With Me

Artist: Karen Keller
Materials: Boulder opal, sterling silver
Size: Fits like a size 7.25-8.5

Artist Statement:
This hand fabricated flip ring is full of surprises! One side has a galactic boulder opal simply set in a shadow box frame. The second side features a hand sawn beetle. Beetles are symbols of resilience and hard work while boulder opals are believed to bring clarity and emotional security. This piece also contains a ‘secret drawer’…although small, it is meant for any personal keepsake/secret. The last surprise is its versatility. It wears just as beautifully as a pendant as it a does ring!

Hi, I’m Karen! I’ve always had a love for art which led me to get a BFA in Applied Visual Arts. In 2016, I decided to take the leap into silversmithing. I found a local self-taught silversmith and took a 2-day workshop learning the basics. I was hooked! I bought a modest home set up Dec 2016, and have pushed and explored the medium ever since! I have learned so much the last 3yrs by watching and talking to other smiths as well as testing limits on my own. Creating wearable art feeds my soul!