Sophie Martin-Glinel - Silver Bowknot Ring

Artist: Sophie Martin-Glinel, United Kingdom
Materials: silver
Size: 7
Dimensions: 25mm x 15mm x 8mm for the bowknot top on a 3mm band

Artist Statement: Bows, and knots in general, are ancient symbols of strength, unions, ties that bind, but also of loyalty and beauty. Here I have updated the classic bowknot by making it a real statement and placing it at a right angle from the ring shank for a very Couture look. I have also played with the matte vs shiny textures to add extra dimension and create a visually very graphic and impactful result. Minimalism isn’t your cup of tea. Instead you like a bit of drama. Perhaps you even wish you were a 1980s child to relive its exuberance and daring attitude? Then this statement cocktail ring is made for you! It will become your go-to cocktail ring when you want to inject style to any outfit instantly. Fabulous on the ring finger, the middle finger or the index finger - that's your choice. It is a unique piece that I have made entirely by hand from sustainably sourced sterling silver 925. It is part of a wider collection that I have called 'Strength'.

Artist Bio: Bonjour, I am Sophie, the jewellery designer-maker behind Essemgé. Essemgé stands for ‘SMG’, my initials in French. Conscious of today’s busy lifestyles and work environments, I design pieces that are versatile and practical yet eye-catching and inspiring. They give you choices of how to wear them. I draw inspiration from my experiences and surroundings. In my earlier corporate career, I realised that every successful woman has a signature style that’s unique to her. Jewellery is an essential part of it. It makes her feel polished, confident and empowered, ready to take on the challenges of a fast-paced workplace. My aim is to serve you with quality jewellery that is quietly sophisticated and timeless. Perfect for those who favour style and soul over fashion, and buy their own pieces. I absolutely love what I do – knowing that a piece of jewellery that I have designed is giving you the confidence boost and glow you need to help you realise your potential. All the pieces are lovingly and responsibly designed and hand crafted to order in my London, UK atelier. Forget Fashion, Embrace Style!

Watch a video of this ring HERE!

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