Tracy S Mastro - Reversible Button Ring

Artist: Tracy S Mastro, Maine
Materials: enamel on copper
Size: 7
Dimensions: 1.25" band height, 0.875" band width, 1.75" disc width

Artist Statement: Do you have trouble making decisions like I do? I couldn’t decide which design to use for this ring so I used both. You can decide which side you want to show off. Then you can change your mind. Based on your mood you can opt for the dramatic black side with graphic white lines, or the sunnier creamy color side with black pick-up-stick like marks. Both sides have a red dot. This ring is constructed of copper and enameled on both sides of the 1.75” disk. The enamel surface is etched and hand finished to a smooth matte surface and the copper is darkened with a liver of sulfur patina. The shank is .125” round stock measuring size 7. It’s fun to wear this ring on the index finger so a bit of the flip side is noticeable. It could also easily wear on the middle finger.

Artist Bio: I live in the Sebago Lake region of Maine where I maintain a studio for my enamel jewelry and fine art practice in what was my late father’s studio. I enjoy using the vintage enamel powders, supplements, and tools that he had used when he was making enamel jewelry. My making equates to journaling, which evokes my thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc… I strive to make jewelry that is unusual, bold and fun to wear. I received my BFA for Jewelry and Metalsmith from the Portland School of Art (now Maine College of Art & Design) in 1991. I returned in July 2021 to participate in the school’s Alumni Residency.

This ring is part of Battle of the Rings: Ring Smackdown 2022, an online exhibition and competition. Shop the entire collection HERE, view the matches HERE, and learn more HERE.

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