Bobbie Marquette - Fly Through the Garden

Artist: Bobbie Marquette, Washington
Materials: Argentium silver, copper, faceted rhodolite garnet, faceted hematite
Size: 5.8
Dimensions: 30mm high, 45mm x 34mm on top, 11mm wide band

Artist Statement: Being an avid birdwatcher, nature is the major inspiration in my work as a silversmith. I spend time observing the cycle of life in our bird feeder filled garden and am constantly amazed and enchanted by the hummingbirds that frequent our yard. With some just purchased rhodolite garnets and red loving hummingbirds visiting our feeders, a design for a ring seemed to jump off the bench. I’d just sawn a small hummingbird and had a copper piercing I’d done that fit the design perfectly. Flowers were a must of course, what’s a hummingbird in the garden without flowers? The hematite reminded me of the centers of Rudbeckia and contrasted nicely with the red of the garnet. Flowers were added to the shank to tie it all together.

Artist Bio: Always interested in birds, making things, usually self-taught and constantly learning, I started sewing after university when I needed a backpack. I made one and it worked! After some traveling I decided to try my hand at weaving and I still have several floor looms in the studio for fiber exploration. Needing to cover a window with a broken seal led me to learn stained glass. Crocheting, knitting, woodworking, I was a jack of many trades and a master of none. But I’ve always loved jewelry so it was a natural progression from stamping and painting dominos years ago to hammering and riveting metals. And with metals I found my joy. Using Argentium and sterling silvers, titanium, copper and brass and stones, I love bringing whimsy (and birds) to my workbench when creating pendants, rings, earrings and brooches. My passion for nature, especially birds, fuels my work and brings such delight. Now I aspire to be a master silversmith, an aspiration that will last a lifetime.

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