Michelle Lierre - The Wonder Tulip

Artist: Michelle Lierre, Washington
Materials: Argentium 935 silver, sky blue topaz, aqua chalcedony
Size: 7
Dimensions: 2.25" tall/.75wide (closed), 1.5" tall, 2.25"wide (open), .25" wide band

Artist Statement: Wonder: “The emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring…” like when you see the delicate filigree petals of this tulip open to reveal a glittering center of tiny blue topaz stamens and rotating aqua chalcedony; and then you wonder how it was done! Each component was entirely hand-fabricated in Argentium Silver and is the culmination of two years of filigree research and kinetic experiments. In honor of my grandmother, Shirley, who made beautiful art, adored the tulips of Mount Vernon, and shared with me a love of hidden surprises. May we never lose the wonder in life.

Artist Bio: Michelle Lierre is a goldsmith and the self-taught filigree artist behind Lierreworks, specializing in handmade, one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality jewelry. Her mission is to learn the major filigree styles of the world, tell their stories, and pass on their traditions. She creates and teaches from her home in Mount Vernon, Washington, while small children are napping. You can find her work at www.lierreworks.com and follow her process on Instagram @lierreworks.

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